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Wellness - Canine

Wellness Vaccine Protocols

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Clarkesville Veterinary Hospital recommends a strong vaccine series in order to protect your animal from harmful diseases! Below is our vaccination protocol.


We recommend starting the vaccination series at 6 weeks of age. When started at this age, puppies will get a vaccine every 3 weeks for a total of 4 vaccines.

  • 6 Weeks - DHPPC
  • 9 Weeks - DHPPC
  • 12 Weeks - DHLPP, Rabies vaccine
  • 15 Weeks, DHLPP

    Depending on your puppies exposure risk to other dogs, we may recommend the H3N8 (canine influenza) vaccine, or the bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination series.

    Adult dogs:

    Booster DHLPP and Rabies vaccine one year after initial series. At two years of age, only the leptospirosis portion of the vaccine will be given annually. Recent studies have shown the DHPP portions of the vaccine protect your dog for three years with a good vaccination history.

  • Rabies vaccine - Annual (every 1 year) booster
  • Leptospirosis vaccine - Annual (every 1 year) booster
  • DHPP Vaccine - Every third year booster with good vaccine history
  • Bordetella vaccine - Every 6 months booster
  • H3N8 (Canine influenza) - Annual (every 1 year) booster

    What if my adult dog was a rescue, or I am unsure of his or her vaccination history?

    No worries! Our protocol covers unvaccinated adults too. And if your new pet has received vaccines in the past, performing extra vaccines will not harm him or her. For adult dogs with an unsure vaccine history, the DHLPP, H3N8 (canine influenza), and bordetella all need one booster 3 weeks after the initial vaccination.

    Wellness Packages

    All of this sounds awfully complicated and difficult to remember! Clarkesville Veterinary Hospital knows this, and we have created three Wellness packages to suite your dog's needs depending on his or her age!

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