In recent years, exotic pets have become more and more popular. Birds, ferrets, reptiles, guinea pigs, rabbits and rodents make wonderful companions and they need attention too! We recommend that you bring your new pet in for a thorough physical examination when you first obtain it. This will help to ensure that your new pet is healthy and we can help to educate you about all aspects of caring for an exotic pet. We strongly recommend that you research the care of an exotic pet prior to purchase. You should never purchase an exotic pet on impulse, or fall for the marketing line that they make "easy-care, low-maintenance" pets.

Annual checkups are very important for all of our patients, including exotic pets. Currently we only vaccinate ferrets. If you wish to vaccinate your bird, we may referr you to an avian specialist.

We perform routine maintenance on exotic pets such as nail trimming, teeth trimming, wing clipping, and beak trimming. We also offer spay/neuter, labwork, and microchipping. Whether your pet is furry, scaly, or feathery he or she is welcome at our hospital!